22:45 – 24:00 uur

Asked about influences, Sas replies; when I hear Jeff Beck play it starts to itch. He plays with such simplicity and at the same time with such fanaticism. Unbelieveable. I am a real Jimi Hendrix fan too. He has not yet been surpassed. Stevie Ray Vaughan I think is fantastic, but the difference between him and Jimi is that if you were to hear him every night you will notice there are only minor differences in his playing. Whilst Jimi could be stumbling over his strings one night and the next night be so brilliant that you would seriously consider selling all your gear. Jimi knew no boundaries. When he was doing Hey Joe, his mind was already busy with totally different things. What he wanted to do with Miles Davis I think is fascinating. I am a real Miles Davis fan. He is the Jimi of the Jazz world. When I was just 16 I saw Buddy Guy. He played with great dynamics. Dynamics, in my opinion, are one of the most important tools in music; a quiet song with a strong bridge or a loud song with a very quiet bridge. And of course Rory Gallagher, my greatest hero. I had the privilege and honour of playing with his band 3 times. The Allman Brothers Band is fantastic too. Once they get started, there is no stopping them. Just like us.

Julian Sas is een Nederlands bluesrock-gitarist en leider van de Julian Sas Band. Hij laat zich inspireren door Amerikaanse gitaarhelden als Johnny Winter, Walter Trout en Jimi Hendrix en bluesgiganten John Lee Hooker, Freddie King en Willie Dixon.

Sas is tevens een groot fan van de in 1995 overleden Ierse bluesrockgitarist Rory Gallagher. Reeds een aantal malen speelde Julian samen met de ex-bandleden van Rory, te weten Gerry McAvoy en Brendan O’Neill (“Julian plays Rory”). Begin 2006 gebeurde dit nog in een uitverkocht 013 te Tilburg.

De Julian Sas Band bestaat naast Julian uit Tenny Tahamata op bas, Rob Heijne op drums en Willem van der Schoof op hammondorgel.